Wii Dual Charge Stations

Charge stations are becoming very popular with console owners, before this generation of consoles, we rarely needed to have batteries on our controllers, and after all, they were plugged into the console and required no extra energy.

Today things are different, since all controllers are wireless they need batteries. The Wii, to be specific use two AA batteries in order to be operative. However if you play a lot, you’ll soon find that this replacing batteries becomes very annoying.

A Wii dual charge station is very practical because not only will you enjoy of a rechargeable battery unit, but will also have a nice holder for your controllers. The decks nowadays found in the market are very convenient and the design pretty much matches the design of the Wii.

Since these are dual charge stations, they will let you charge two controllers at the same time. You have to keep in mind that if two controllers are EV charging at the same time, then the time it will take to fully charge an empty battery will double. So, usually a single controller takes 1.5 hour to charge, well if you dock another one, it will take approximately 3 hours.

Wii dual charge stations are the most popular of Wii chargers, since usually people play in pairs. If you need to charge more controllers, you can either buy anther dual charging station, or even take advantage of the new quad charge station found in the market.

If you are going to invest some money in a Wii accessory, I would recommend you to consider investing on a Wii dual charge station. When seeking one, be sure to see if it meets your requirements. Ask about the charging times of different brands and how much the battery usually lasts.


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