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Carbohydrates that are needed for good health:

You will find that carbohydrates are like the body’s chief source of energy. Complex carbohydrates can be found in the starch of foods of plant origin, such as for example wheat and cereals, beans, potatoes and all fruit and vegetables. How it works is the body changes these healthy carbohydrates into much needed glucose and glycogen to help fuel muscles, the nervous system and the brain. Because of this, in the last 20 years or so, much of the emphasis on good nutrition has mainly focused on the need for carbohydrate.

This emphasis on eating carbohydrates has also partly been a reaction against the fashion for high-protein diets that was prevalent in the preceding years. The healthiest source of carbohydrates are whole-grains, which can be found in wholemeal (whole-wheat) bread and flower, beans and lentils, wholemeal pastas ans brown rice. You see the calories obtained from these carbohydrates burn the fastest of all and are not so easily converted into body fat. They are particularly useful for toning up the digestive processes of the body. We can also find good carbohydrates in the natural sugars (fructose) of most but not all fruit and vegetables.

The most important thing about unrefined carbohydrates is there slow conversion into sugars in the body. How it works is these foods are released into the bloodstream gradually and therefore provide a source of long-term energy. For this reason, complex carbohydrates are particularly useful in such things as sports and fitness training. For athletes and professional sports persons, the banana is the ultimate carbohydrate energy booster.

Now you see the problem with carbohydrate intake comes only with such things as refined carbohydrates in the form of refined white sugar and flour products from which most or all the healthy-giving nutrients have been removed during the processing period. These foods are often quickly absorbed into the bloodstream leading to a sudden and rapid rise in blood sugar levels. In a bid to reduce these levels as quickly as possible, the pancreas releases insulin, which allows the body to store the excess sugars as body fat.

The instant burst of energy that is felt after consuming these carbohydrates is often soon followed by fatigue and renewed hunger as the sugars are removed from the blood and stored. You will find that in some people, a variety of health problems and disorders may arise from the constant rise and fall of blood sugar levels.

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