The Perfect Gift For an American Girl Doll Collector

Doll collectors come in many shapes and sizes so we shouldn’t assume that the only ones who collect dolls are little girls. If you know someone who loves to collect dolls then is very likely that they own an American girl doll because of the quality and value that backs them up. As you may know, American girl is a line of dolls that produces characters based on various periods of American history, that means that these dolls do not only appeal to a younger crowd but also to avid collectors and grown-ups who love having a representation of the history of America in the shape of dolls.

If we stop and think about it, there are many accessories that could be considered amazing gifts for American girl doll collectors such as furniture, footwear, necklaces, etc. but the most popular set of accessories by far are the dresses.

There are many American Girl doll characters such as Julie Albright, Rebecca Rubin, Emily Bennett, Elizabeth Cole, etc. but what sets each and every one of these cheap american girl dolls apart from the rest of the dolls and from each other is that each one has very unique and distinctive clothing. Ultimately, the clothing is one of the best gifts that you could possibly give to an avid American girl doll collector.

Whenever you buy a dress for someone who loves these dolls make sure to pay attention to whether or not additional clothing accessories are included because for the most part when someone goes out to buy a dress for one of these dolls they do not pay attention to the additional accessories that can make a simple gift into a great one. Additional accessories that come with these dresses are collars, ribbons, footwear and even hats.

Smart shoppers often go for the bundles because just as you don’t like to wear pieces of clothing that do not match or go well with each other giving someone an incomplete gift for their doll can be quite a hassle unless the person you’re giving a gift to doesn’t mind having a plain looking doll and as we all know no one likes dull dolls, especially when these dolls are supposed to be telling a story or representing a piece of history.

Some of the most popular American girl doll dresses that you can easily find in auction sites or retail stores are: the cranberry party dress which goes pretty well with Samantha, the white tea dress, kimono robes, white nightgown, the pinafore dress, historical blue velvet dress, coat and dress combination, etc.

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