Prophetic Evangelism Chapter 3


This is called Getting the Word from God and we are going to cover a little about the prophetic word that you share with strangers. First of all, first off the cuff, I’ll share the words that I use that I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me. The words and their effective 99%, 99 times out of a 100 these words will work. I’ll cover objections, dealing with shutdowns in Part 13. I’ll deal with that other 1% there but for 99% of the people; I walk up to a person and often the person is with someone else or talking to someone else.

I’ll walk up and say, “Excuse me, I’ve got a gift and from time to time, I get a message for a person. Today I got a message for you. Can I share it with you?” Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, the person says yes. If the person seems hesitant, say “I am not going to preach the Bible at you. It’s just a personal message for you about your life.” They’ll let you go forward but normally there isn’t a hesitation in the person.

Now, getting the Word from God is what this subject is; I just wanted you to hear that approach line. Normally, what I’ll do is before I approach a person, I’ll already have the Word from God. I’ll have a Word of Knowledge or something about the Word. But when you new you’ve got to pretty well pull that message down from God, you’ve got to see the person, identify that God wants to give them a message, and then ask God for the message.

As you grow in the prophetic, or as I found I’ve grown in the prophetic, I just look at a person and I’ll see a message. The message will come right through. You need to ask the Lord for the message for the person and then approach the person, like I said, and share the message. I find that a lot of messages I am given, I am given a couple words of knowledge and then a word of wisdom; which is a directional word, words of knowledge are supernatural information about a person’s past or present that you wouldn’t ordinarily know. So, I find that a word of knowledge are impressive to a person and really surprises a person that you’d know that information.

So, there we go. About a week ago I was on a bus and I had a conversation with a couple, a short conversation. Then the couple got off the bus and I said to lady the couple was sitting with, “You’re their friend, are you?”

She said, “Yeah.”

I then started dropping words of knowledge about the guy that she was with, the man of the couple that got off the bus. I went for about a minute about him, things about him and she says, “Tell me about the gir.,”

I said, “Is the girl your girlfriend?”

She said, “Yeah.”

I went on for minutes and minutes about her, all different facets of what sort of person she was. She said, “You got a tremendous gift there. It’s amazing how much you know about her.”

I said, “Yeah.”

So, Word of Knowledge can be a very attractive, a very useful gift to use with strangers. A Word of Knowledge is when Jesus said to the woman at the well in Samaria, “Go and get your husband.”

She replies, “I have no husband,”

Then Jesus says, “You’ve spoken correctly. You’ve had five husbands and the one you’re living with isn’t currently husband.” That was a word of knowledge and she said to Him after that, “I perceive you are a prophet.” The whole world is moving these days with supernatural wonders, supernatural signs and wonders. There’s many people moving in psychic realms and clairvoyance and mediums bringing messages from the spiritual realms to earth, through channels and through spirit guides, and stuff; and, through gifted people in the new age, and witchcraft.

People are hungry for information about their spiritual dimension, and their life, and their future. It is time that the people of God step up now. God is always got a word for many people. Some people God has closed His mind to, people who are obstinate and have rejected God time and time again. No matter how gifted you are, you’ll never get a word for that person; a prophetic word, anyway. I believe that everyone is open at some time to the Holy Spirit unless they’ve closed themselves off to the Holy Spirit. I think it’s best to wait on when the Holy Spirit says to say anything to a person rather than just make your own mind up.

So, you’ll find when you get the word of the Lord, it might just be the beginning of the word but when you go over and start sharing the Request prophetic word, it’s like you turn a tap on and you won’t get any water under a tap unless you turn it on. So you need to share the first words and when you share the first words, it’ll start to flow like the tap’s been turned on and it can last for as long as the Lord wants it to last. It can last for half an hour; it can last for an hour that the Lord can be speaking through you to a person. You just need to turn the tap on.

Initially, I find it with experience, I am not told all of the word when I am standing away from the person before I have approached them. It’s not until I go and approach the person and tell him the beginning of the word that the tap gets turned on and the Lord starts to let the message flow through my mouth.

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