Photography Image Enhancing Services for Models

Looking at a magazine cover, many of us wish that we had the same skin and complexion that the model on the cover. However, these models have their photo retouched by photo-enhancing specialists to remove any wrinkles, blemishes and any other marks on the photos. Therefore, if you have a skill at photo enhancing, you could consider offering these services for a fee.

The main things required to start a service offering photo enhancing are Photoshop skills and the necessary software. Photoshop is one of the good software programs available nowadays. However, if you have any different program that you are comfortable with, you may as well use it. When offering photo-enhancing services, you could offer your help in photo retouching and glamour enhancement of portraits. The budding model will need your services the most.

With your programs, you can help remove wrinkles, improve skin texture, enlarge eyelashes, enhance and reshape lips, remove hair strings, whiten teeth, remove any existing teeth gaps and many other changes. It is also possible to apply or remove make-up and to smooth skin texture of the photographs too. One of the most challenging aspects found in the world of photo enhancing is digital slimming; if you have a knack for this particular skill, you can command top dollar!

It is not only the models who need digital slimming to be done on their photos; portraits, wedding photos and perhaps some photos of children too may need some changes to be done to make one look slimmer. You could offer to remove double chins and to slim down the face and body. Sometimes, one may need a background change to emphasize a person or to change moods in the picture. Therefore, you can create plain color backgrounds or some artistic indoor or outdoor environment in the picture too.

Word of mouth can prove to be sufficient advertising for you. photo enhancement services Models will have friends who are also models and may need some help in their photos. However, it is not that advisable to rely on it only. You should look around for modeling sites. On sites there are many models’ portfolios displayed wherein you could offer your services to them. So it proves to be quite beneficial to you to advertise on these sites.

You could make it convenient for the customer to send the photo to you via email. You then can make a quote, of about $50, which is rather reasonable. The price of course, depends on the amount of work involved in touching up the photo. Offering rush delivery, where you send over the photo to them within a day provides an added incentive for clients to approach you for their services. Of course, you could hike your prices for this by about 50%; the client will surely be happy to pay to get the perfected photo quickly!

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