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Male Menopause – Does Anyone Really Know the Truth Or is it Just Older Men Having a Bit of a Whinge?

Well I know what a lot of the ladies out there will be quick to say to that (and some with probably very good reason). Even though menopause for females receives a good deal of focus from the health care profession and other groups too, male menopause is actually a lesser recognized but nevertheless quite common problem as well.

A range of scientific studies indicate up to forty percent of males from the age range of 40 – 60 will probably encounter various symptoms. Even though adult males do not suffer from the hormonal decline which takes place in females, they do notice a decrease in the male hormone, testosterone, throughout the later half of their lives.

This kind of decline can easily result in symptoms just like female change of life can, yet the indicators for men can be much more delicate in nature. A few of the signs can sometimes turn out to be serious enough to get in the way of every day living and this is the reason some gents seek out medical assistance to obtain relief for their particular issues.

Symptoms of Male Menopause

Currently the jury is still out considering all the facts as to whether the symptoms of male menopause can be credited directly to the decrease in testosterone.

A number of the typical grievances of men consist of depression, tiredness, low energy, irritability and sex related problems. For some guys, these types of symptoms can be significantly relieved with the assistance of testosterone replacement treatment.

This kind of therapy can be especially beneficial for sexual difficulties like loss of sex drive nevertheless you will need to understand testosterone replacement treatment does happen without having a few disadvantages, hence you will certainly want to talk about this with your own physician or perhaps a menopause specialist as to whether this is the best treatment for you or not.

Now there are additionally some lifestyle improvements you can easily make which will also significantly lessen the symptoms. These are a few examples: modifying your physical exercise and eating habits, reducing alcoholic beverages and giving up smoking.

You could also speak to your own medical professional regarding various other kinds of medication such as antidepressants or erectile dysfunction remedies which is going to help you to cope with many of your specific problems.

Diagnosing Male Menopause

When you are at this particular period of your life and you tend to be encountering a few of the signs and symptoms outlined above, you need to definitely visit your health care professional to obtain a conclusive prognosis.

Your own medical professional will certainly base his evaluation on a actual physical examination as well as a record of your symptoms hence it is a great idea to maintain what we call a “Menopause specialist in Katy Texas diary”. This will help you keep track of any changes going on in your body and it will also be a good record for your doctor to help make his diagnosis on.

Also there are blood tests which can easily be carried out to analyze for male menopause. These types of blood assessments can look at the amounts of testosterone in your body, as well as the amounts of other human hormones. In the event your current hormone levels are decreased, you and your medical professional can come to a joint decision about precisely what form of therapy will be the best and most effective for you.

The great news is there will be a number of ways of finding a reason for your symptoms and then getting your life back on track again.

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