Learn The Easy Way To Keep Food Fresh On The Campsite


When you start planning for your camping trip, you can often get sidetracked by everything that is going on around you. For instance making sure you are careful with all the tools, using barbecues safely etc. The many times I see people forgo their common sense with keeping food fresh is staggering. It’s just because there are so many other considerations that they forget common issues such as food.

One option is to take a cooler with you on your camping trip, this will help refrigerate your items, but you will need plenty of ice packs to make it efficient. Make sure that the site you are staying at has freezing facilities for guests. Some offer an exchange service whereby they will swap your ice packs for ready frozen ones. This is very similar to what sites conduct with their gas bottles.

You can now purchase small camping refrigerators which are much more efficient than a cool box; the issue is you need a power supply for it to work. Depending on your vehicle you can leave it plugged in when you have cold items. Never leave food in the car. Cars heat up very quickly which will cause your food to spoil very quickly. Keep cooler and cool bags outside in the shade where it isn’t as hot.

You can also you cool boxes to store hot food, for instance if you have made a stew over the campfire and there is some food left over you can place it into your cool box with the lid on and it will still be warm come the next morning. You need to think carefully when you cook and prepare food when you are at the campsite; you need to think clearly about how much food you need to cook. It is not like at home where if you have left-over’s you can pop it in the fridge for your lunch the next day; on the campsite you can’t do this. Make sure that you only cook enough for each meal, thus saving you any food that could go to waste.

Try not to purchase garden cup to many fresh food products for your camping trip as they will not last as long as the tinned counterpart. Tinned food is great for camping as you do need to worry about it, you can pack fifty tins of food if you like for your camping trip and if you do not use them all then its no issue at all you just use them when you get back home.

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