Hazelnut Oil Benefits: Time For The Research

When it comes to benefits of ingesting or applying hazelnut oil, there doesn’t seem to be any disadvantages.

Overall, people find it to be healthy and advantageous for all skin and hair types.

One of the main benefits of hazelnut oil is that it’s loaded with antioxidants.

You can use it to increase your immune system’s defenses, protect your heart, and reduce inflammation.

One study found that those who are hazelnuts were able to decrease oxidative stress significantly.

Roasted hazelnut oil has even more benefits, according to other research.

One of the main things that researchers are finding is that hazelnuts have a high link to anti-cancer properties and may be able to reduce the rik of cancer.

Current research with animals show that proanthocyanidins found in hazelnuts can help prevent and treat certain types of cancers.

The vitamin E content in hazelnuts is so high that it does wonders for your skin, hair, nails, and heart!

In fact, studies have found that eating hazelnuts can reduce bad cholesterol and inflammation.

There have actually been over nine studies that showed a reduction in LDL cholesterol just by adding hazelnuts to their diet.

As you can see, hazelnut oil isn’t just for your beauty routine.

It’s a vital oil that you can add to increase antioxidants and vitamin E intake, thus leading to better heart health and less oxidative stress.

However, we can’t stress enough how important vitamin E is for your skin and beauty routine as well.

Due to the hydration that hazelnut oil offers, you can drastically improve the look of your skin just by using it as a moisturizer and astringent.

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