Coffee Grinder Selections: Name It, You Will Find It – Vintage, Retro, or Antique

When was the last time you shopped for a coffee grinder? If it has been more than a couple of years, you are in for a real treat!

Coffee grinders are readily available in all types of styles, brands, prices, and even “vintage.” Yes, indeed. Antique grinders with the functionality of modern coffee grinding machines are plentiful and available for the asking. Antique grinders are neat. They are a delight to use, look like the real thing, and do a great job grinding the beans. In addition to grinding coffee, antique style coffee grinders can make good collectibles. They maximize the use of every bean and ounce of flavor you have to deliver that great cup of specialty gourmet coffee you want to enjoy. Coffee grinders are a great conversation piece and add a special touch to the kitchen.

Many manufacturers market antique coffee machines. Bodum is well known for its Antigua Burr Grinder which offers a fine and superior grind. This Bodum product uses a hand-forged stainless steel disc. Why is that significant? Because it grinds oily beans easily, something other grinders vintage retro do not do well. In addition, the Antigua Burr Grinder is a very quiet piece of equipment. It works well at low speeds which is good for flavor and aroma retention.

Another well established brand is Universal which manufactures an affordable antique-style gourmet coffee grinder. The Universal grinder has a bean hopper with a cast iron cover for durability. The machine uses a hardened steel grinding disc blade to grind coffee easily and with minimal heat. This is good because the blade does not affect the coffee flavor. Universal designs are very clever. They often display dual usage, thus increasing their affordability and practicality. The Universal grinder comes with a cast iron wheel and a hardwood handle. Why? So you can grind your own nuts, grains, and spices in addition to coffee beans. So, in the end, you almost end up with two machines instead of one, and both for one single price.

The Jablum antique-style coffee grinder is another excellent machine with a quality grinding mechanism and a collectible, antique look. There are many others to mention but these examples suffice to illustrate why grinders are so popular. It is fun using antique grinders with modern qualities, especially when the rich flavor and aroma of a great cup is the reward awaiting the completion of coffee grinding.

If you yearn to use a really antique designed grinder, try a brass coffee mill. You can find them hand made and following the design of mills used by ancient civilizations, such as Greece and Rome. The modern feature in the brass coffee mill is what is called a true grinding mechanism. What does that mean? It grinds, not smash, the coffee beans. The result is a great cup of your favorite coffee. Regardless of what type or brand you choose, name the coffee grinder you want and you will find it.

You may prefer one of the many excellent coffee grinders that have a modern look and feel, including smaller personal-sized ones (also ideal for travel). But for a wide selection of styles and grinding methods, a vintage or “retro” coffee grinder is hard not to like.

So, what about a delicious cup of your favorite gourmet Dessert and Spice flavored coffee or would you prefer a cup of Liqueur Flavored Coffee?

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