Best Outdoor Security Lighting – Protect Your Business From Criminal Invasion

Outdoor lighting for commercial facilities is a first-line defense against criminal invasions. Proper illumination of the parking lots, pathways, and other nearby areas discourages activities like violent attacks or burglaries. What’s good about it is that the best outdoor security lighting systems are offered at an affordable price.

Business owners should make it to a point to invest on the best outdoor lighting available for their business establishments. According to reports, criminal activities were most likely to happen on areas that are dark or with poor lighting. Besides the common concern of burglary, the safety of the employees is also at stake here. However, you should also be aware that purchasing cheap and low quality lighting products will not guarantee the best performance.

The performance of outdoor security fixtures will also depend on the type of bulb used. With the recent environmental concerns and government regulations, incandescent or halogen and mercury vapor light bulbs are now prohibited and takes effect this 2010. A greater substitute to incandescent is the HID (halogen intensity discharge) lights. This type of bulb gives higher intensity of light and lasts up to ten times longer than the ordinary light bulb. This is ideal in security lighting fixtures because it assists people to get a clearer and better identification of things or persons at extreme distances.

Another feature to take note of in a security system is the amount of glare it produces. Actually, glare can really prevent people from seeing clearly, thus helping criminals in doing their malicious intents. To prevent this, you can place a protective covering or lamp-shaped casing that will perfectly conceal the bulb.

Great outdoor security lighting should be able to supply light to all areas including the building structure, boundary walls, parking lots, and other outside structures.

If you’re concerned with the electricity cost of lighting several buildings, solar powered lighting fixture is an effective and cheaper source of security lighting. There are several manufacturers out there that offer high-quality solar lighting products, which also give out the same performance as its electric counterpart. Also, this is a great way to help the environment because its power comes from a natural source, which is the sun.

Every commercial unit should at least have a decent security lighting system – this will greatly help in the smooth operation of their business. In fact, the best¬†outdoor security lighting¬†doesn’t need to be overly expensive in order for it to work.

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