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Synonyms and Definition of Back Links:

Incoming Links

Back Links are links that come to your Web page, blog or Website. Web node is another nomenclature; you need to be familiar with, implying the nodal or central point of origin.

Purpose and Potential Benefits

Building links were the original means of web navigation. Search Engines have brought a new dimension to building links. Optimization of usage is brought into focus.

Although, number of links is a factor used by Search Engines to assess the importance of your website, linkspam is viewed adversely and ranking of your Webpage will suffer, if quality and relevance is not maintained.

Judicious use and placement of back links in relevant Blog sites and authoritatively relevant sites pays not only richer commercial dividends, but achieves a higher ranking too.

Lateral and Reverse Advantages

They help you to keep track of pages that are linked to your site too. Interlinking of sites and the opportunity of commenting or posting relevant articles on your blog spammy links checker enhances connectivity and active participation by others, thus enhancing your reach.

High Quality Link Building

Cheaters can never prosper, is a truism that can be applied to back linking too. Go for a high page ranking, the diligent way:

Write articles on unique topics for your blog
Anchor text may include your business/website
Relevant guest posts on authority websites are a plus
Proactively, research the websites ranking prior placing a guest post
Preferably, only sites/forums you are active on should contain links, to avoid earning of the ‘spammy’ label

Why Back Link Checkers are Relevant

The Brand Building exercise needs to be monitored. Back link checkers establish its veracity.

A measure of reports posted by back link checkers is their relevance. Quality of importance of page/site from which link emanates and its ranking is analyzed. A typical result provides the following information:

Link source
Page rank
Whether anchor text (that describes your web page) is used
Red flagging e.g. Link tagged ‘no follow’, etc.


To start off with, quarterly audits are fine. Annual audits, thereafter, should suffice. An opportunity to improve on category of link and rectify other shortcomings can march alongside any sophisticated upgrading requirements.


Proactively, a new or updated quality page should be notified to search engines for monitoring of pinging / strikes to achieve an enhanced ranking.

A realignment of Category (specifics) of link can at times prove highly beneficial.

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