All you need to know about tow trucks!


A tow truck, also called as a recovery vehicle, breakdown lorry or truck, and a wrecker, is a truck that is used in moving disabled vehicles, improper parked cars, or for moving a vehicle through locations. This involves the moving and recovering of damaged vehicles, or transporting one with the help of towing to a mechanical repair shop or any other location. It differs from the car-carrier trailers that are used to move multiple vehicles at once.


Types of Towing Trucks

Towing trucks can come in various styles and types to serve different needs and applications. The tow truck companies usually make use of few types of tow truck that are considered as main. However, knowing about the different types can really help you figure out what you need in what situations. You can also simply look up for your local tow truck companies such as tow truck Milpitas, to understand what the local companies can provide.

Following are the types of tow trucks.


Hydraulic and Flatbed Tow Truck

Flatbed tow truck consists of a flat surface looking like an empty bed that is connected to the rear end of the tow vehicle. These are designed as such to carry a vehicle on the top of it without dragging it all the way that can cause damage to the vehicle being pulled. The hydraulic lift attached to it helps shift the flatbed up and down vertically to load or offload a vehicle easily.


Tow Trucks with hooks and chains

Tow truck that connects vehicles through chains and hooks are usually utilized to tow abandoned, accidented, or junked vehicles. A heavy-duty chain and hook are attached to the rear end of the tow truck while the other end of the hook is attached to the vehicle that is to be towed, as it lifts the front of the vehicle the front is suspended in the air with the back wheels being grounded.

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